Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LyF's a lesson (Part-1)

Something which hurts u, which makes u feel unpleasant, which distracts u, sorry feelings, guilt feelings and all such other emotions which we think is the worst part of lyf r not so.. infact dey make our lyf more adventurous moreover worthliving... :P

Nvr ever regret for nything u did in ur lyf.. try to prove urself the person u always want to b...
Always focus on the brighter aspect of lyf.. let the tym play the game u jst try hard to win... Let the darkness stay alone and slowly it will vanish itself.. dun put pains in destroying it.. let it go n at last it has to die.
"Get out of this sinking feeling dun focus on mud n muck.. jst focus on ur dreams "

Friday, April 2, 2010

Kidnapped on trip :-(

Hmm.. most of the ppl present on the trip were unaware of this incidence bt i wanna share it wid u all dat i was "kidnapped on trip" :-( :-(
Bt b4 dat lemme share some of the moments spend in shimla wid dat blithe spirit :D
we all moved towards the visit of software technology park of India wid full exuberance bt really the slope n height of dat place hav reduced our zeal to zero.. it was so terrible to reach dere n jst to c a small company.. huh !!!
den tramping towards IIAS... (wha b itna padal chale ki lag rha tha ek hi din mein 10 kg loose karne ka target h :P) bt the place was stupendous.. really worth watching.. the unique decorative interior of old times was admirable... Wen i told my father abt the place i was surprised to know dat he own its library's membership where v were prohibited to go at our visit only members allowed to enter dere :-)

outside IIAS v had a group photo not all were dere bt yeah many...
Our march towards popular Mall road of shimla wid low potency bt our willingness really increased our potential to reach the place...finally reached the destination ,... were so happy as a lark cant describe... :-)
stayed dere for few minutes v decided to visit jakho mandir by sumo...after taking lunch dere v reached the place from were v hav to take departure bt luckily we miss the sumo jst by 5 min :P
fir kya fir se padal chalo....OMG !!! was shocked to hear dat bt still v decided to go dere so wat even if again hav to walk for 4 kms. only GOD knows how v did dat !!!
finally after dat darshan deir was a contentment in mind den v came back on station bs kisi tarah pahuch gae bus tk aur kya yaar.....

Oh ha !!! saari baato mein bhul hi gai btana kidnapping wala kissa :P
actually i was really kidnapped by the beauty of the place... the nature really captured me ,,, bt this abduction was memorable :D ... i didn't wanna leave the place bt i was helpless..... bus miss ho jaati yaar... ghar kaise jati ... papa ko bulana padta...fir kya we reached home till 2:30 ...

Hmm... i wish i could go back to dat time again n feel the day again as many times i want.. Wat say frnz ?? :-)