Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LyF's a lesson (Part-2)

Its necessary to realize the importance of all doze ppl who care for us wholeheartdly.... coz ever if we neglect their concern ( may b unknowingly sometimes or we r extremly sure dat dey cant live widout us) n once they started moving away from us.. the thousand times u may shout to call them back, show a million affection to dem bt the distance will nvr b reduced dey'l nvr turn back to us n we can only rue later....

so my dear frnz.... remove all the impediments n tell all dose ppl the luv,affection,care, attachment u hav in ur heart for dem coz lyf is too short to live n thus to luv.... no tym for avoidance or hatred.. !!!!

learn to forgive others n thus free urself from the servitude of ur own thoughts....

Lyfz so beautiful n teach us a million lesson everyday !!!
keep going.... :-)
njoy ur lyf on a see saw.... ups n downs...
n on stage of lyf we r jst clowns... :P

A warm hug to all !!!
gud luck

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