Saturday, November 13, 2010

13-nov-2010 , 10:00pm

36 hours left.....

A race just going to end in few hours......

Recalling my first day at an institute 4 months back where my teacher asked me " REICHA tell me the name of all those MBA institutes you are aware of ? "

i answered " IIM-a, IIM-b..... "

he said "next next..except IIM's "

i said "i don't know the name of any other institute except IIM because i aimed at IIM and i wont go anywhere else..jab kahi aur jaana hi nahi h toh naam jaankar kya karungi... "

He giggled a little then said "hmm abhi first day h tumhara dekhte, dheere dheere sab bhul jaoge"

i whispered " i am not among those forgetful people who can't remember their own words "

With the passage of time till october forms of various top notch colleges were out and i was running to fill maximum of those :P , although does not mean that one is diverted from the target just wanna see where else the path can be....
15-nov-2010 morning 10:00 my CAT exam , today was just sitting and recalling my journey for this new challenge started a few months back....

Neither scared nor relaxed,
no hubbub nothing more to chew on,
just peace and a believe ,
watever will happen it will be the best i can get,
and the most i deserve......

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jst like dat

Everytime we dont desire to pluck stars from the sky, sometimes we love to collect pearls lying on the ground :)

A commotion in mind,
memories getting unwind,
down on the earth waiting for a miracle to happen..............

Gazing at the darkness of this cold night,
working on the dream which is at its height,
trying to bring equanimity,
down on the earth waiting for a miracle to happen..............

copied : Funny Hindi Letter from a wife