Saturday, November 12, 2011

A message on 11-11-11

They say 11-11-11 will be good for you.Don't know about anyone else but yeah it did a little good to me.

Yesterday i was in chandigarh when i received a message regarding some professional work(jobs) from an old friend with whom i had not interacted since 20th apr 2011 due to some conflicts in our mind against each other and i never tried to elucidate them either for though i considered myself correct on my part and a little self respect was pulling me back everytime when i decided to take the initiative. I didn't reply to the message due to lack of sufficient balance in my phone and roaming charges etc ( ok its an excuse i know coz a message can't charge you more than 50p ) and i had 92p left. All because i wasn't willing to reply, i know it sounds a little egoistical but another truth is: its always difficult in an argument(cold fights) to judge who did less wrong to the other.
So whatever, when i went back home next morning i messaged my close friend ( S ) so as to check whether she was asking her ( S) too through the same message about the jobs etc and she (S) said NO. Then i realized that she texted me only though can be many others too but not in my link. I immediately replied her although she asked for an instant reply in the message at that time but anyhow i decided its better late than never.
I texted : " Sorry for the late reply, Thanks....blah blah "

In the meanwhile i was online checking my mails. I have subscribed a daily post from Deborah Ailman, Law of Attraction and Positive Thought Instructor and was going through the same that time. The post was stating something i never expected  :
" Forgive...and let the dark clouds roll by so you can glimpse the sun. Forgive for yourself, so you can feel better. And once you've done that you'll find you can forgive because it really is the best thing for everyone:)  "
After 5 minutes my phone beeped with a new message conversing : "no sorry no thanks, how r u ? "

I don't know what happened and suddenly a tear or two rolled down from my eyes making me blind for a while and then i was laughing hard asking myself what i did  in past few months. Belonged to the same friend circle, cracking those silly jokes together, bunking classes and having fun, playing pranks, making small trips ,recalling all those golden old days and now we didn't talk from past 6 months. Wondering how had i made it possible.. It wasn't me. It can't be me. I was quick in forgiving and often forgetful too regarding any matter. Was i bearing grudges(the emotions of disliking someone) ? NO ! i never did against anyone.. but yeah i was bearing a weight in my mind,  uneasiness and a little conversation today released me from the load i was carrying from long.
 Last month of the last semester of a college life is always important. Recalling how we missed a good click together on the farewell occasion when we were in our best get up(wore saaris), the entertainment and filling each other's diary( your imprint on my life and vice versa) and many more moments.We missed them all.
 Though even today, it was not a normal but a formal talk but still enough to remind me how we used to behave when we were kids where a single "katti" breaks friendship and a single "abbi" bring two friends back together.
Qualities of a formal and not normal talks are :
--> Lack of emoticons in the chats.
--> Conversing in pure english instead of hinglish(hindi + poor english in my language)
--> avoiding the use of slangs.
Later we had few message chat, relieved me a little.
Reminded me of a very simple lesson " Life is too short for harbor bitterness, cherish the people who have been with you and are always with you..Friends are always friends, no matter what, every friendship goes through good and bad phases, its all about bridging those gaps."

Yes, a message on 11-11-11 made things a bit simple/better now. Sometimes you wait for an initiative and sometimes you need to take one. Life is not complex until we decide to make it so.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lip-Liner 1

Was reading an old post Lip Liner .. tried to write something beyond it.

In the moonlight, i take the air and think everyday,
what had led me not to stay ?
Fascinating was thy world, enticed me into temptation,
engrossing me thoroughly, accepted the inclination,
still i passed through the other way,
wondering what had led me not to stay ?

Monday, October 17, 2011

First glimpse

People generally outline opinion by what they see and later they may judge others by what they think.The first impression comes from your physical appearance(a distant look) that is why we are acutely sensitive about it, rest other noticeable points are secondary(you go close and interact)require for judgement.
Multi-million people exist in this world. Here words are reflected from the view of an unknown gal.

An ugly face in a crowd
desire attention more or less,
astound by the glamor around
and the first glimpse at a lass.
The mindpower doesn't count,
the pure heart is veiled
when alluring looks isn't there .
Brunette skin,curls of light hair,
bulky form with bewildered expression,
still trying for a perfect first impression ?
Hiding her disappointment,
She moved as she failed...
Time to change,
she has to change,
skim off the fat,
from messy to mesmeric,
from eyesore to eyeful,
from grotesque to pretty.
Altered looks,
altered the fortune.
Now capable of captivating many hearts,
Recalling her own,which was before broken into parts.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Confined happiness,
dump in darkness,
just a deranged was she.
Redirected those winds,
close known no more,
secret words no more,
twinge in heart no more,
deep fear no more,
giving sides and moving on.
Though opposite but moving on,
silently moving on.
But Life moves in a circle,
opposite ends have to meet,
to tune with those old feet,
turning a blind eye,
known strangers,
restricted distance,
uncomfortable silence between them,
what else left ?
Time to last,
waiting for last words,
do call it final last.
when moving apart for miles.
Why not with smiles,
when overcoming the past,
and calling it final last,
then why not with slight tenderness.
For the sake of old good time,
bid me final goodbye with a SMILE :) 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In festive mood

Happy Navratri 
It is Durgashtami today [the 8th day of these navratri(nine nights) which is big in bengal]  and is the day when we open our fast after 7 days but by chance this time the duadashi(2nd day) and triyodashi(3rd day) fell on same day so the fast were for 6 days only. [reason for this awareness : For the FIRST time i was fasting for consecutive 6 days]. I know its not a big deal, so usual for people but was a real excitement for me and above all i accomplished it. Yaawwwhhh ! [Of all the things i didn't have last week i missed golgappe the most :P aur golgappe ki kasam mene rasmalai ko bhi bahut miss kiya ;) ]
According to the scriptures, by worshipping the "Shakti" on these nine days the householder attain the three fold power : physical,mental and spiritual which helps him to progess in life without any difficulty.Apart from this the contentment you feel in your heart, belief of being accompanied by that almighty power is divine. 

The celebrations start with navratri and ends with the 'tenth' day festival called "Dussehra". During childhood it was one of the most exciting day of the year. Durga puja(worshipping Goddess durga) in the morning and then eagerly waiting for the evening event. Visit the Ramlila maidan(place where we burn ravana... not we but Lord rama as a part of play :D).In burning the effigies  people are asked to burn the evil within them and thus follow the path of goodness,bearing in mind the instance of Ravana,who despite all his might and majesty were destroyed for his evil ways.
 A big fair held in the ground enough to bring smiles on faces around. 
Celebrations include, fiests to honor the mother goddess(the triumph of warrior goddess durga over the buffalo demon,Mahishasura)  and the triumph of Lord Rama over demon Ravana.
In short its all about triumph of good over evil.
Yesterday i came across this picture i pasted in my drawing notebook approximately 8-10 years back and really found it worth sharing.

The picture depicting the comparison between satyug(rama yug) and kalyug(our time period).Earlier it was the victory of good over evil but now the vice-versa is more prominent.
Is the new generation capable of turning the table again ?
" victory of good over evil "

Anyways wish you all a very happy festive season :)

PS-Lessons learnt taken from net.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A good friend

Sometimes when i need silent eyes to listen to my pain i miss you.
Sometimes when i need enthusiasm to play with me i miss you.
Sometimes when i need a company to kill my boredom i miss you.
Sometimes when i need a good friend to join me I MISS YOU...!!

3/4 part of the year has been passed since i lost my pet dog .He really did understand what we tell him, he used to think what we want and maximum times he used to comprehend what we were trying to communicate. Served us for more than 5 years and then suddenly ran away one day in a playful mood with a hope that i'll catch him from behind but i lost. Later we searched around far and wide in our vicinity but worthless.Even today if i glimpse at a black lebra running on roadside or collar around the neck with anyone i hastily speed towards them so as to inspect may be this one is mine. My friends suggest me to go and get a new one but will the new one be able to compensate the old one ?
 The term is "Attachment" 
Its tough to replace someone when sentiments are attached  may be that is why we never ponder over it again to tame another pet.'Even if you are a bona fide cat lover,its nearly impossible not to be moved by the brand of qualities unique to dogs'. They can never leave you even i know my dog was too loyal but was taken by some greedy human-animal.  Huh ! you pick them, train them since they were puppies and one day you lose them. It is so called life on earth. forget it !
But yeah ! i inferred a dog can really be a man's best friend :)
1) No matter how much annoyed you are by the day but there is someone whom you'll always find in jolly mood and is capable enough to uplift your mood and make it a cheerful,blissful day.
2) There is a special quality i wanna highlight here... If you love them they are completely adorable but if you tie them in chains the whole day they become aggressive ready to attack anytime. So make it a choice you want a family member plus a guard or a killer watchdog only :P :P

Sunday, September 18, 2011

हम--> मै --> हम

 यह एक काल्पनिक काव्य  है , जिसमे एक नारी(can be more considered as married) के  दृष्टिकोण को दर्षाया है |  

मेरी नज़रे तो झुकी हुई थी ,
साँसे कैसे रुकी हुई थी |
बँधन की डोर कमज़ोर  हो रही थी
धीमे धीमे मै तुमसे दूर हो रही  थी,
 रुक जाती,मुझे रोका नहीं ,
 मुड़ जाती, तुमने टोका नहीं |
 फिर भी ये इलज़ाम मुज पर आया ,
दुनिया ने मुझे ही कठोर ठहराया |
 सबकी नज़रे मुजको ही सताती है  ,
तुम्हे तो वो मासूम  ठहराती है |
कुछ बोलू तो सब कहते- जुबान लड़ाती है |
मै खामोशी से बस चलती गई ,
तुम्हारी खामियों को ढकती गई |
मुजपे नाम आता गया ,
और मै चुप चाप सहती गई|
मैने तो  अपना  हर फ़र्ज़ निभाया ,
फिर क्यों न तुम्हे  मेरा साथ भाया ?
आज पास नहीं, तो करते हो मुझे  इतना याद ,
कल साथ थी, तो  हर पल करते थे फ़रियाद |
अब मै दूर निकल चुकी हू ,
ज़िन्दगी में आगे बढ़ चुकी हू |
अब ना पुकारो मुझे , ना लौट के आउंगी ,
अभिमान नहीं पर स्वाभिमान तो  दिखाउंगी |
अगर चाहत हो जिंदा तो तुम भी आगे बढ़ जाओ ,
ज़िन्दगी की राहो में मुझसे  दुबारा  मिल जाओ |
एक कोशिश तो करो , थोडा हौसला तो दिखाओ ,
उम्मीद जगा कर अब दुबारा ना बुझाओ |
हर बुरी याद को अतीत में दफ़न करेंगे ,
मिलकर एक नयी शुरुवात करेंगे|

PS :  यह एक काल्पनिक काव्य  है , जिसमे एक नारी(can be more considered as married) के  दृष्टिकोण को दर्षाया है |  किसी भी व्यक्ति से इसका कोई सम्बन्ध होना महज़ इतेफ़ाक होगा... 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am with ME

 Whenever i feel like losing fortitude, the inner teacher wakes up all of a sudden.
Ready to stop me from stumble in life.
I don't know how i start talking to myself or say there is an inner voice which continues with the tape "REICHA calm down" and then i realize :
Things happening around are enough to piss me off but truly its hard to stay mad when there is so much beauty in this world. When i get drown in the sea of my thoughts and traverse those old memories, my heart fills up like balloon which is ready to burst anytime and then there is an instant shiver enough to remind me that i am in the crowd where behaving flawlessly is a necessity . I remember that i decided to no longer hold those illogical and unimportant part of my short life.
It happens, you may be the most valiant person existing on earth but there would always be a soft(weak) corner in your heart enough to break you at times. Then sudden sadness captures the heart you cannot flee from.
BUT... I refered the term VALIANT.....
Yeah ! the sadness prevails but not for long. They understand that if one door of happiness is closed the other one will so sure be opened. they look for options. They are the winners who know how to free their heart from clinch of old shadows and i do value such people in my life.
while OTHERS.. :
 miss this opportunity. they are so busy in opening the locked door of happiness that they aren't able to look at the door opened just for them. I feel stupid when unknowingly i do the same but the next moment my inner teacher saves me from doing this :P
Do whatever makes you happy because in the end it will be you who will bear the consequences with surely no regrets because it will be entirely your own decision.

Sometimes you need to be your own SUPERHERO ;)

PS :- I observed that whenever i feel upset i start blogging and start with the most " Devdas ", "cheerless " kind of tones but then later end up with a happies happies ending बिलकुल हमारी फिल्मो की तरह जहा अंत में सब कुछ ठीक हो जाता है (exactly like our movies where the end is always joyful).
P.P.S :- wanna thanks Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan who  launched Their creation becomes the reason of smile on my face million times :) :) :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

मन की आवाज

आज अंग्रेजी में लिखने का दिल नहीं किया | सोचा आज अपनी भाषा का प्रयोग करना ही उत्तम रहेगा | जब शब्द कम पड़  जाते है तो  हिंदी में लिखती हू आसानी  होती है अपने  आप को और स्पष्ट  करने में |


आज फिर ये आँखें नम है,
लगता है दिल में छुपा फिर कोई गम है  ||
एक पुराना राग फिर ताज़ा हो गया ,
जैसे मेहँदी का रंग और गहरा हो  गया  ||
 छुटने से भी छूटता नहीं,
 भूले से भी भूलता नहीं ||
 हर साँस को ये आभास है,
की आज दिल क्यों उदास है ||
दुःख के  बादल गहरे  होते है,
 माना खुशियों पर हज़ार पेहरे होते है |
 पर  उम्मीद की लौ आज भी  जलती है,
नए  सपने आज भी बुनती है ||
 मन को उढ़  जाने दो ,
इन पंखो को  फिर हवा लग जाने दो ||
वो  मुस्कान  लौट आएगी ,
जीवन में फिर परिवर्तन लाएगी ||
 फिसलती संभलती,
भागती उलझती,
 फिर उठती
हस्ती गुनगुनाती,
यही ज़िन्दगी के रंग है |
माना की ये एक सामान्य  किस्सा है ,
 पर मेरे जीवन का अहेम  हिस्सा है ||

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


 तुम चलो तो हिंदुस्तान चले ||
नन्हे कदमो की ये कोशिश है ||
 हमी से तो  उमीदे है ||
हमी से तो हर मुश्किल आसान है ||
हम में एक  हीरो है ||
("if you will move the India will move too,
Tried by those little feet of the nation,
we are the guarantor,
we are the handler of difficult situations,
there is a HERO(conqueror) inside us.")
I have heard, saw people complaining about long traffic jams.
Maximum times one of the reason follows :
* Mismanagement
* fall of trees on the roads
*roads under construction
*one way road

and whats the reaction of the crowd at such times ? Abusing the government for lack of concern, getting annoyed by the situation,shouting at the nearby vehicle drivers for giving then the side as if you are at highest priority, choosing for the wrong side so as to overtake everyone and then blocking the traffic on other side too :P
Its your country so isn't it yours duty to set the things right ?
Mismanagement took place due to the absence of traffic police at the crossroads. Can anyone dare to give 10 minutes and direct the traffic ? "NO" because thats not our job. We can spend half an hour in groaning, criticizing and complaining about the situation but we cannot give 10 minutes in managing the traffic.
A huge tree fall in the middle of the road, hindered the traffic motion. Can we group of people lend our hand to move it at the side.? "NO" because thats not our job. We can sit in the car wait for it to be moved by anyone else except us or wait for someone to take the initiative. Why ? Our way is blocked by a huge stuff then why we wait for someone else to drag it away. DO IT YOURSELF FOR YOUR OWN SELF !
Believe me dare to take initiative as a leader and people are waiting to follow you. They just want a LEADER,thats it !!
Yes its my country and tomorrow if i will fall in such a situation i will surely step ahead to solve the problem, I am an INDIAN and i know my duties. I will try not to be afraid by the those eyes gazing at me when i initiate something because when i will succeed the courage will overpower everything.

PS : just tried to translate those lines of hindi into its english version. The meaning will  approximately be the same :P

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Belief or an excuse ?

There was a random thought from past few years in my mind.

There are times when we strive hard yet we fail. Not  always we taste the sweetness of victory. At that time,when we feel a little low,  just to console ourselves or to get over the incident we say :
""Everything happens for good.One should have that unshakable belief in the almighty power.Everything is normal and we gained experience""

Is it really a belief in GOD or an excuse we give to ourselves  ?

BELIEF : A belief that there is goodness in disguise, we cannot see it now but one day we will surely realize it.Today we may be blind and complain it that we lost or failed but tomorrow will be ours and thus one should not repent on the failure.We strongly believe that GOD never make mistakes and whatever He has decided is for our own benefit.
EXCUSE : are we keeping ourselves in darkness by giving excuses because may be we have realized that we don't deserve that dream we desired for ?  An excuse by saying that destiny prevails and something better is thought for us and we move on.I wonder is it so easy to convince oneself ? sometimes infact many times "YES" it is easy because giving "excuses" has become our habit. Even from the childhood we give excuses to our teachers for late work or not doing homework, we give excuses to our parents when we don't wanna go to school or score low marks and now we give excuse to ourselves when we fail to accomplish our goals.

I know both the term depicts some optimism within them when i say "leave the past in the past and move on towards the future" all because we focus more on the negative side at this time but  Is it really a belief or an excuse  ? which help us to come out of this setback of failure.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Truthful lie

Sometimes the most difficult task is to CONFESS the truth to yourself, when you have convinced the whole world with your lies and is confident enough that now you can convince yourself with the same lie...!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I know we don't share our talks much because you love to go quite.
I know you stay far and you least ask about me when you call at home.
I know you get annoyed soon by my mischievousness.
I know you never agree with me and then we land in arguments moreover fights every time.
But i still love it when you bring those tiny priceless gifts for me (though you take bigger share from that :P)
I love to have those discussions when we both are on same side and think alike.
I love it when you prepare maggie for us when i am busy with my work.
I feel proud when you my younger brother pretends to be my big responsible brother.
I feel the strength when you guide me with light during my tough days.
I know a silent care dwells within you.
you just feel shy to bring it to the surface but i understand, because i know you from the very first day when you opened your eyes, you made me realize that i am OLDer now (though you are just an year younger to me)
We laughed at many moments together,shared some private family jokes, had fun with those silli acts we did in our childhood and lemme tell you that was the golden period of our life that will stay in our minds forever.
No matter how hard we fight, how much we ignore but we still care for each other silently.
We are family and you mean a lot to me in my life...!

PS:- It was a preview for the upcoming raksha bandhan festival... that i turned a lil emotional nahi toh bs :P

Sunday, July 24, 2011

LyF's a lesson (Part-8)


whenever we have some extra food left after the meal time we never throw it in dustbin rather we just put on the wall for birds.
One day i saw this scene from my kitchen and once again i realized the law of nature brought a simple smile on my face saying " I survive "
The squirrel was the first to notice it. As expected because she is the one who always keeps an eye on the wall next to the crows hidden in those green leaves.but i think that day they were out for holiday in some other city may be some other wall.. lol.. So today she can have all of them alone because Crows were large in number and they never allow the squirrel to fed before them(crows)

This was an injured bird whom i was noticing from past couple of days and might have thought to ask for a share from the squirrel and the squirrel decided to treat this injured bird in the same way she is treated daily by the crows.. :-|

She moved towards the bird in anger, the bird tried a few times fir bichara chup hokar chala gya(then he went away silently). I decided to sit on the fence lemme check who wins at last.

The squirrel enjoyed the afternoon meal without interruption but with high alert.

Then the bird revisited the wall when she found it a vacant and more over harmless place..( lol ) for her and took the left over. Although i didn't expect it because the bird could be proved harmful for squirrel due to her long beak , but she was injured therefore proved to be weak today.

I realized, its the world of those who are stalwart,mighty who can dominate over others. This world in not for feeble, they least survive.
I don't say that one should be awful or bad but one should not be weak too. Be strong and have faith in the almighty power. Life will lead us to different situations, difficulties and the way we react over it shows what we are, where we stand. Infact how much courage we have to withstand the storm because GOD never test an incapable  person, if you are being tested, be happy because GOD think you are the best & capable too. 
Thats why he send you to this earth to prove your worth :)
Have the power to conquer the world !

Stay blessed !
LyF's a lesson. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

What's next ?

A month has been passed since i gave the last exam of my graduation degree and is sitting idle at home now.
 I am so called "FREE" for the next 6 months. This was another shock i got a few days back in my joining letter dated somewhere in january 2012. So whats up now....?
Life was always busy - running in the race with a fear that you may lack behind.
Studying hard in 10th to score among the toppers.
Changing school in 11th std and coping with new environment.
 Preparing for AIEEE and IITs kind of exams so as to get an admission in a reputed college.
Then when you cross the sea of fire(bridging gap between school and college) the next race you run is of getting a good, satisfactory job or again jump in the competitive world of getting admission in the best college for a post graduation degree.
And now after clearing 10th->12th->graduation.. (ok i won't say graduation because the result of final semester is still awaited) and before entering a corporate world i got a gap of 6 months and i was upset about it.
I cannot exactly  recall from how long i was demanding holidays from my life, from time, i always wanted a break and now when i heard the news about the latency of joining date i burst into anger.
"kya hai ye? humaara aadha saal waste kar diya? kya karenge itne velle hokar 6 mahine ?"
(whats this yaar, they wasted half an year? what will we do being so idle for the next 6 months?)
But then my mind showed me the slideshow of my past desires then i realized a very important fact of life.
Remembering the words of a golden bird :
I feel like the same golden bird now when i get angry on being so idle at times. I always found myself hang up in making my career, running behind my dreams, fufilling expectation of others, making them cheerful, polishing my image, proving my worth and in this race may be i have lost myself but now i got a chance to live up to it wholly and since when i have understood the whole plan of my almighty GOD i just wanna thank Him for being so GRATEFUL....i'll try my level best and spend the next few months just for "ME" so that later i won't regret that i slipped this part from my hands....

just three words in the end i havn't said that from long :

Friday, July 15, 2011

A letter for my heart

Dear heart,
I wonder whats going on  ?
you laugh repeatedly,
you complain about nothing now a days,
you forgive without arguing,
you don't cry when i forbid,
you don't cross your limits even,
i mean if you go like this one day you will surely rule the world.... !!
Are you grown up now ?
Can i be relaxed?
Eagerly waiting for your reply.
Your curious owner,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lip liner

Don't look back,
you won't find me there,
I left you far a mile.
Somehow if you find any footprints,
thats my stubborn heart,
still tracing your path..!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Simply happy !!

Make them wonder why you keep smiling !

  J   JJ   J

Flow of Emotions

I wonder why people hide their tears. Is it what we call being strong ? :-o
I often thought that it is another way to express one of our emotions ?
we laugh,clap,dance to express our happiness,
we scream when in anger,
we wonder when we are curious,
we react intensively when excited,
we shiver when we fear,
we appreciate, thank when we feel gratitude,
but why we hide our tears when we are extremely sad ?
Does it really prove our weakness ?

I feel, when a person lacks the capability to give vent to his emotions and feelings, he proves himself weak because he fails somewhere. When we don't feel shy to laugh,clap and rejoice then whats there in crying.
Want an answer from those people who think it(crying) a matter of shame.
Do my tears declare that i have lost the hope or do they say that i will not try again in future ?
Crying : is it a negative emotion ?
When we feel relaxed after howling then why we think veiling it is a boldness ?

Ok another question " Crying inside... How many times did you cry out loud ? "

the first thought which strikes in the mind is :
" I have grown up, what will people think about me ?  A big gal/guy is crying "
and the frustration grows inside and we forget how to get over it, the main reason of failure in life because we resist the natural way that GOD has made to overcome it...
As one of my friend says " Log kya sochte hai ye bhi hum sochenge toh fir log kya sochenge"
It was so true and i accepted it in my life and felt the difference...

PS : if you think i am wrong somewhere do correct me please.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


There was a cave,
they asserted her to move ahead,
she refused,
darkness encompassing her,
she cannot proceed,
she don't trust,
she wants to live,
they forced,
she shouted,
request denied,
she cried,
they grinned..!!
She was innocent,
yet she was dragged,
she screamed,
surrounded by devils,
she yelled for help,
but no one was a true man.
She pleaded,
they turned the deaf ear,
At last she was BURNED .
People peeping from their windows,
closed there eyes,
called it a routine incident.
Ahh !! she was alive,
lying on the roadside,
fighting for a life,
enduring the pain,
tears rolling from her eyes,
yet she cannot utter a sigh !!
She became a statue,
saw her 3 years old daughter,
sitting on the other side,
she realized,
she cannot abjure,
she crawled,
she crossed the roadside,
she was a mother
cannot escape from this.
half burnt half alive,
she moved,
picked her daughter,
yes she moved.....
She has a strength,
which always covers her pain.
it was the 3 years old soul.
yes she cannot forget,
she went back.
She cannot quit,
she has a reason for being alive,
she will protect her,
prevent her from being an orphan,
Is the revenge necessary ?
It happened many times,
why she was quite ?
tolerating every second,
was the little angel so important ?
The wound burned and throbbed,
but her smile made her so forgetful
she can bear everything.
she stood,
locked her in arms,
added:i was alone,
i lost,
but i found you,
you will never be forsaken,
because you found me.
You will never endure,
i'll make you a lady of my own.
She promised the little soul,
and continued with her dead life.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LyF's a lesson (Part-7)

Never let anyone fall for you,
When you know there is someone else in your heart and mind......

Thursday, June 9, 2011

So called love, huh !!

An object of your lust alas you call it love.
The lengthy eye contact more than once you call it love.
An average concern more than normal and you call it love.
If someone's touch makes you shiver for a while you call it love.

Sometimes even a lifetime is not enough for people to know, to feel love
        I wonder how they say "I LOVE".

Silently within ME !

I love to search for a falling star at night,
but never wish to have my wishes to be fulfilled.
I never found them better than my Lord's choice,
although I claimed, i blamed louder than my voice,
playing those tricks to break my peace into pieces ?
But was least thankful when it rebounce in my life.
I was always caring but still heedless sometimes,
But you my lord has forgiven me everytime.
I talked to you because i believe, 
you resides within me somwhere,
You are the source of those infinite potential 
which forces me to head towards my dream.
Just wanna tell you secretly ,
" I am feeling blessed today, thankyou for the day" :) :) :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My window side

I merely close my eyes while travelling,
the worthy camera to catch view levelling.

I jumped in the sea of my thoughts,
sitting near the window where i can't be caught.

I have seen everything but i have seen nothing,
i was busy in one or any other stuff something.

My ears stop working, its window closes,
untill anky shouts and give me her few lecture dozes.

I love to feel the essence of the air around,
It calmly touches my soul and i feel bound.

Here the shades of my emotion are best revealed,
giving them a vent and making them unsealed.

I felt a little above whenever i look outside the window,
I felt a little ahead whenever i feel moving even thou slow.

I no more be able to enjoy those daily trips,
when i breathe deeply after those sudden flips.

College life is over now,
we recall the classrooms, corridors, lectures but forgot the bus rides....
It was my favorite past time
I sat near my window seat and saw big dreams,
I solved big problems,
I handled big jobs,
I faced big fears,
I laughed,
I cried,
I had learnt to enjoy my own company the most :)
and yes that was my favorite WINDOW SEAT !!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

GD/PI 19th May !! Was a worthy day :)

Went for the GD/PI round at UBS-Chandigarh
The topic was

 "The education of circumstances is superior to that of tutions" - William wordsworth

In favor:
What life teaches us is always remembered because it is what we call experience and on other hand the facts already learnt are most of the time not remembered at time we need to apply them.
Greatest example is of ANIMALS - they are never taught, they learn from their own experiences, they grow, they survive.

Against :
Considering example of a kid, if his parents don't warn him and don't teach him of the adverse effects the children of his age group faces due to carelessness he can be a victim and in that case can the parents leave him on the education of circumstances ?
If a doctor, engineers etc are not trained before and directly a patient is handed over to a doctor to do experiments( learn from circumstances) he would no more be called as a savior. So tutions before are more important in such cases.
A person can survive from big accidents if given first aid treatment on the spot and this can be possible by prior knowledge....

And the GD continues...... blah blah ;)

Next was the PI round :

Maar daala :D
5 people in the panel staring me all together. 
1 interviewer : yes come in. sign the sheet first.
Me : (standing) Good afternoon ,yes sir
2nd interviewer : Reicha feel comfortable have a seat.
Me : yes Sir
(3rd and 4th interviewer busy in some talks, 5th interviewer busy in starring me )
2nd interviewer : Hmm, So Reicha Unique spellings yeah !!
Me : Yes Sir ( thinking : bachpan se yahi hai sir ab plz mere naam k peeche mat padh jaana :P ). i smiled
1st interviewer : Why is it so differently spelled what does it mean ?
Me : ( Wanna shout at once i hate this question still i am always forced to answer it )  i explained him the meaning of my name which bychance my dad gave the exaggerated description an hour before because we both know its the favorite  and the first question which every interviewer ask me and i am never prepared with it. So this time i was a lil sure about it.
1st interviewer : Tell me something about yourself which is not mentioned in the resume ?
Me : told
1st interviewer : Why you want to do MBA ?
Me : (Pta tha jaroor puchega beta mae ratt k ai hu answer ) i explained him but was myself so unsatisfied later
1st interviewer : Why UBS ? Why not any other college ?
Me : Sir its a reputed institute 
(he interrupted)
1st interviewer :Who told you its a reputed interview ?
Me : My dad :P (The worst answer, its tough to lie on the spot that i read somewhere or i observed etc)
1st interviewer :(he nodded) hmm...What else your dad told you about it ?
Me : I briefed him with the details
1st interviewer :So your father is impressed by the college and not you ? HE laughed a lil
Me : (Awe !! kya fenku ab) i frowned and try to convince him in my favor.
A few more clause of questions and answers 
 the 1st interviewer pointed towards the 5th one and said : Reicha, mam wanna ask you something ?
5th interviewer : Ahh Me ??  ok 
1st interviewer : haan mam puch lo woh virus wagarah 
5th interviewer : Tell me about virus ? what it is ?
Me : Mam it ... 
She interrupted)
5th interviewer :Ok forget it tell me about Spoofing... You use it in networking ?
Me : yes mam it ......
(She again interrupted)
5th interviewer :Ok leave everything tell me about public  infrastructure key and private infrastructure key ?
Me : I quickly started with the answer (Ab kahi next question pe aajae aur muje na aata hua toh :P)
   jaldi jaldi answer diya she said ok... no more question
Hmm You may leave now
2nd interviewer : Waise how do you pronounce your name ? Is it रिचा या रेईचा या रीछा 
Me : (in anger  i would have eaten you all for mispronouncing my name ) still i nodded, smiled and said "Sir its ऋचा " (dobara mat puchna ) and walked out :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The day

The day when I remain SILENT

the day i let things GO
the day i think its the EDGE
the day i feel nothing worse than this can HAPPEN
Its the day i become so FEARLESS
No one can tear me down because i am already in pieces L ......

Particles of me are destroyed BUT i am not defeated,
you can crush me but can't crash the real "ME",
Every pain is bearable,
Every instance is curable,
I can't close my eyes
and let my dream dies,
I am a believer,
I am a crusader,
I will wait till the end,
I know the end will favor me,
Afterall it’s a conduit of my happiness ,
The wave of hope sparkles,
bring patience within me.
I again stand taller gather the pieces around,
Proved my worth and again moved ON J