Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year resolution...

Do you believe in new year resolution ?

There was a time when i make pious commitments which i would rigidly stick to one week,weakly pursue for one more and happily forget thereafter :P
The first week i feel good, then another week am feeling guilty and then the best way is to cast off the resolution and come back to your bad old ways and you feel like heaven.Giving up something feels good. a witty line quoted by Oscar Wilde "The best way of overcoming temptation is to give into it" May be he had never realized it that it feels better when you give up after a lap of resistance. The spot of denial whets your appetite and really leads to temptation. The lapse when it happens,is all the sweeter.....

I know its harder to resist but once you continue with the change you develop a new habbits and you feel confident and an inner strength that you are capable of stopping yourself from all the stuff that finally leads you to temptation.Its easy to give up and feel relieved as you cheerfully bid your resolutions goodbye but its difficult to bear with it as long as you become habbitual of the new ways.

Forget it. :D
As 2011 gets underway i decided to work on three factors (top secret) :P
the first and the second resolution ended up before the end of the very first day of the year..:P
Coming up for the third one i am still holding it.. I dont know how long will i be able to carry it but i concluded that we can follow those rules for which we are really serious for...
There was a question on my mind why the new year resolution so crucial when resolutions can b made on the rest 364 days of the year ?
It doesnt make a difference because if you want to follow it you can start it from any day and if you dont have the courage to carry it long even the new year resolution cant help you ;-)

Anyways Happy new year !! :)


Suree said...

That was some tasty FOOD FOR THOUGHT :) You could write a book on temptation I felt ;)

Reicha Ahluwalia said...

haha ! book .. truth is YES ! My life is full of such experiences...
I had decided not to visit blog again for the next 6 months but your comments on the old posts forced me to reply you finally :)
Thanks for your visit !!