Sunday, February 27, 2011

H-Talk (The heart speaks)

                                MY WEAK HEART SAYS  :

If i put light on the past i'l surely land up to the point : 
where every road ends,
 where i met the pain,
 where there was only darkness and the rainy days...
The point where i was responsible for wrong decisions, for my inaccurateness,
where my destiny made me popular for my mistakes,
The point when i felt disconsolate and was an impetuous wind.
Yes it will swiftly drag me to the point where those BITTER memory resides...


If i put light on the past i'l surely land up to the point : 
where happiness was a never ending promise,
where i was surrounded by people who gives me special treatment,
the point where i was victorious,
deserves nothing except the best,
i was admired even when more assertive,
my luck shines brighter than sun,
my dreams and every wishes were coming true.
To the point when everything was balanced and awesomely beautiful.
Yes it will swiftly drag me to the point where those SWEET memory resides...

An endless war always goes on within ME(and even inside every individual).Decision is all that matters.....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A castle in air

A castle in air,
my dream was rare...
A clear vision is all i need,
Till then i'll focus on my deeds.....

I was on my half way when i decided to take a U-turn,
Suddenly life got many reasons to spurn.
I thought to sit on the fence and watch the game,
But it was impossible since the list of players contain my name....

So finally i jumped in the sea and decide to face  the storms,
All those cripples and the worms,
I realize, its so easy to move on the path already mark,
But to build you own roads is not a lark.............

Even though there are hardships,obstacles on the way,
 but that makes the journey more adventurous and finally you leave your footprints for others to survey.

                                         Just three words in the end...

                             ~~~~LOVE YOU ZINDAGI ~~~~ 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

मरम्मत मुकद्दर की कर दो मौला ..

एक खुशबू आती थी ...
मैं भटकता जाता था...
रेशमी-सी माया थी,
और मैं तकता जाता था...
जब तेरी गली आया, सच कभी नज़र आया...
मुझमें ही वो खुशबू थी जिसे तूने मिलवाया |
                                   टूटके बिखरना मुझको ज़रूर आता है,
                                   वरना इबादत वाला सहूर आता है,
                                   सजदे में रहने दो, अब कहीं न जाऊंगा
                                   अब जो तुमने ठुकराया तो सँवर न पाउँगा 

सिर उठा के मैंने तो कितनी ख्वाहिशें कि थी...
कितने ख्वाब देखे थे, कितनी कोशिशें कि थी...
जब तू रूबरू आया ....
जब तू रूबरू आया, नज़रें न मिला पाया...
सिर झुका के इक पल में, मैंने क्या नहीं पाया |

                                    तेरे दर पे झुका हूँ, मिटा हूँ , बना हूँ ...
                                    तेरे दर पे झुका हूँ, मिटा हूँ , बना हूँ ...
                                    दरारें-दरारें हैं माथे पे मौला......
                                    मरम्मत मुकद्दर कि कर दो मौला !!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

LyF's a lesson (Part-4)

When i was a small girl i was never afraid of committing mistakes,
I fell down many times and got up again,
those wounds were never serious ones,
(even when people mock at your fall you never bother)
Mum use to quote the same pretty words"kuch nai hota chitti mar gai"
then i use to laugh ,forget it and walk again...........

Even today i fall, who doesnt ?
But i have learnt how to get up on my own,
 because in life no one comes to rescue when you fall
or may be they come late.
Rest, people standing there to blame you or to point fingers at you.

Learning from mistakes,
giving life more chances,
taking bold steps in life is a neccesity.

After all life is the most precious and the greatest gift of GOD and one should know how to move on.......

                                          Just three words in the end...

                             ~~~~LOVE YOU ZINDAGI ~~~~ 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My birthday !!

"9th February "

My birthday falls on 2nd day of 2nd week of 2nd month of the year... ;-)
Every year my dear ones make it more special for me...
And this year it was celebrated with my friends at home...

Just for u maa and papa :
You brought me in this world and kept your promise of making each day of my life special, Thanks a lot.. :)

For u : SALONI,meetali,vibhuti,rashmi,megha,swati,roma,ankita,pragati....
thanks for making my birthday so memorable... will cherish these moments throughout my life..

Want to thank some more precious people of my life without whom the journey till now won't be so easy.

Just three words in the end...


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ye hosla kaise jhuke !!

A few of those quotes which always inspire me....

Uljhay nahin to kaisey suljhogay...
Bikharey nahin to kaisey Nikharogay....
UDNEY DO:::::::pankhon ko hawaa jaraa si lagne do..

Manjil mil hee jaayegi, bhataq kar hee sahi.
Gumraah to woh hain, jo ghar se nikley hee nahin....!!

Khawaaja mere khaawaaja... dil mei samajaaa.... :)

It is such , such..a beautiful life. No one is stoping u from feeling like that.
 Just train ur mind like that. Sab mast lagega! Jyada mast !