Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A castle in air

A castle in air,
my dream was rare...
A clear vision is all i need,
Till then i'll focus on my deeds.....

I was on my half way when i decided to take a U-turn,
Suddenly life got many reasons to spurn.
I thought to sit on the fence and watch the game,
But it was impossible since the list of players contain my name....

So finally i jumped in the sea and decide to face  the storms,
All those cripples and the worms,
I realize, its so easy to move on the path already mark,
But to build you own roads is not a lark.............

Even though there are hardships,obstacles on the way,
 but that makes the journey more adventurous and finally you leave your footprints for others to survey.

                                         Just three words in the end...

                             ~~~~LOVE YOU ZINDAGI ~~~~ 


RAHUL: The Weakest Point is Love said...

Okkay Okkay...I fully agree wid you sometimes the view in front appears to be foggy but behind the scenes someone is busy preparing for the surprises..that's why we pray god to help us see beyond the fog and when it unveils its corona there's a big cloud of happiness waiting to embrace us..that's life...!

P.S. I liked your blog!
see mine @

Reicha said...

Hey thanks !
Your thoughts are really admirable..
The biggest strength: Faith in GOD
Then everything seems to be perfect around :)

Suree said...

I wonder if you struggled to rhyme cuz you did really well :) And your poem to me sounds straight from the heart :)

Reicha Ahluwalia said...

Yep it was straight from the heart of a struggler !
Thanks for giving your worthy time to my old posts :)