Monday, February 14, 2011

LyF's a lesson (Part-4)

When i was a small girl i was never afraid of committing mistakes,
I fell down many times and got up again,
those wounds were never serious ones,
(even when people mock at your fall you never bother)
Mum use to quote the same pretty words"kuch nai hota chitti mar gai"
then i use to laugh ,forget it and walk again...........

Even today i fall, who doesnt ?
But i have learnt how to get up on my own,
 because in life no one comes to rescue when you fall
or may be they come late.
Rest, people standing there to blame you or to point fingers at you.

Learning from mistakes,
giving life more chances,
taking bold steps in life is a neccesity.

After all life is the most precious and the greatest gift of GOD and one should know how to move on.......

                                          Just three words in the end...

                             ~~~~LOVE YOU ZINDAGI ~~~~ 

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