Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reasons !!

If you hate me do give me reasons so that i do not become a person of someone else' hatred in future ...............

If you like me do give me reasons so that i do become a person of someone else' likeness  in future too ..............

If you love me don't give me any reason because reason vary with time,it may end too... but love doesnt..............

Sunday, March 20, 2011

LyF's a lesson (Part-5)

Thinking about a day somewhere in August 2009....

Some days are really worse.
I was upset, a little worried.
finally decided to stop contemplate over it.
I was asking my mind to shut up. :P
Generally  i go through my old pictures, wallpapers etc. just to avert my attention.

While going my wallpapers i found this one :

As if all the heavenly power wrapped its explanation in these few words.

These are not the lines which encourage you to climb but surely it has the power to prevent you from falling. The times when you feel drooped, anything pleasant about the future seems to be unrealistic and become effortless in gaining your attention.At such time all you  want is not big values or big lessons you just want a solution, a big solution for your worriment.
People generally avoid it, quit it because NO ONE wants to chew on the pain and hence it grow, become bigger and gruesome but it never ends......... 
Its only we who can kill the devil standing against us only in the case if we DONT QUIT and keep fighting.

Its march 2011, time passes by like winds.
a sigh with a deep contentment in mind.

Journey of life continues with different people playing different roles in our lives dealing with different circumstances in their lives. We're all in the same game, just different levels. Dealing with the same hell, just different devils.

A few words in the end:
Sometimes its tough to face today when yesterday was a nightmare. Wake up, brush yourself off, claim your greatness & keep stepping. LyF's a lesson  :-)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Words worthy..... ?

Conversation between two friends 

Boy :-  Her eyes so seductive and so do her pleasant appearance.

Gal :- hmm(busy in reading).

Boy :- I cant stop myself smiling when she looks at me.

Gal :- hmm(still seems to be uninterested)

Boy :- Shall i say her ?

Gal :- What ?

Boy :- That you look pretty and i love you :-*

Gal :- You already told her countless times :P

Boy :- Awe !! I just met her twice.

Gal :-  ??

boy:- Whom are you talking about ?

Gal :- Your girlfriend (confused) .

Boy :- Oh,, no no not at all, she'l be my girlfriend for a few years more(with a weird smile) but presently i am talking about the one i met last monday at a coffee shop.

Gal :- Yes shez charming and nice .

Boy :- Will she say "yes" ?

Gal :- Why you wanna mislead a GOOD WOMAN & play with her heart, knowing damn well you're not willing to LOVE her as  she deserves.

Boy :- Who cares, I'l break  up with her after couple of months.

Gal :- You'l surely pay for it someday (angerly moved away)

(They met After 3 years and 4 months & the conversation continues......)

Gal :- So whose the latest victim of your love ? (giggled  a lil)

Boy :- .........(in deep thought)

Gal :- Oh cummon tell me i am your friend,the best one .

Boy :-..........................(silent)

Gal :- ok, tell me about your life in past few years?

Boy :-..........................(still silent)

After a deep silence between the two for 15 min........

Boy :-  Why you left me alone a few years back ?

Gal :-  ............. (looking around with a sort of ignorance)

Boy :- must tell you boys are good at catching the truth behind every gal's eye :P

Gal :- .......... (felt shy)

Boy:- About The latest victim ? there was NO ONE  from past 3 years and 4 months.....(it was a hint)

Gal :- ...........................

Boy:- I waited at the museum, at your favourite park, at the church side everywhere but you never turned up. I tried to say those few things to you but was unable to gather courage. But today finally ............ Soooooooo... will you be ??

Gal :- (looked up in his eyes)...........
[ She thought : m i the  next VICTIM or FINALLY his love is true ? ] perplexed

So finally she said :-

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Friends forever

Never say to your friend " I am better THAN you "
Always say " I am better BECAUSE of you "
(personal experience : i saved one from losing and now we are friends forever).

P.s - With this post just wanna celebrate the first anniversary of my blog MiRacLe HaPPenS :)
Cheers !!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Another fight ( tsunami hits)

We argue, we shout,
We want a day out.
We have the rights to enjoy,
Because we have reasons to rejoice.
Our happiness is not bound,
We smile and set the curves half round.
We are full of life because we HAVE a life....

We are fearless but are they ?

We are carefree but are they ?

Japan was hit by a massive earthquake the measured 8.9 on the Richter scale, on March 11. This was followed by a 10 meters high Tsunami wave that washed away Northern Japan. The nearest city to the epicenter is the coastal city of Honshu, 130 km (80 miles) from the quake center. Japan's capital city Tokyo is situated 373 km (231 miles) away.

People cry because their loved ones die,
They don't get chance to say final goodbye,
We cant stop these natural calamities,
but we can pray to the Almighty,
to give them the strength and support,
courage to give a new start,
and heal the past.

Just a small prayer for them:
Heavenly Father,
You are the God of all creation. Rest, rule, and abide in the hearts of the people that they may fear no evil, nor natural disaster than threatens to come upon them. Heal your land. May all hearts turn toward you in prayer.
In Jesus' Name,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A vacuum cleaner for my room and mind too

After every 15 days of lap maa usually ask me to remove  
'not to be done / undesired / clutter stuff' from her sight 
(in short she wants me to clean my room by removing unwanted material).
e.g. the clothes i knew i wudnt wear , the books i wudnt read (but just purchased) ,magazine subscriptions, the documents, desktop maze etc. Because when the messy stuff increases it simply veils the desired material behind it.So there is always  a need of cleanliness after a span of time.

The best part to be with maa is :
yes Its so strongly linked with our lives....

In our daily routine we do lots of work, new experiments, meet thousands of people,and our mental hard drive stores even the minute unworthy details,but whats the use to give space to unwanted items and when falling shortage at time of real need :P
Although our mind is a dynamic memory.. lol

Clean your mental hard drive,
Remove all the unwanted stuff,
Things, people whatever,
You will feel free, really free,
with a deep contentment in mind....