Friday, March 11, 2011

Another fight ( tsunami hits)

We argue, we shout,
We want a day out.
We have the rights to enjoy,
Because we have reasons to rejoice.
Our happiness is not bound,
We smile and set the curves half round.
We are full of life because we HAVE a life....

We are fearless but are they ?

We are carefree but are they ?

Japan was hit by a massive earthquake the measured 8.9 on the Richter scale, on March 11. This was followed by a 10 meters high Tsunami wave that washed away Northern Japan. The nearest city to the epicenter is the coastal city of Honshu, 130 km (80 miles) from the quake center. Japan's capital city Tokyo is situated 373 km (231 miles) away.

People cry because their loved ones die,
They don't get chance to say final goodbye,
We cant stop these natural calamities,
but we can pray to the Almighty,
to give them the strength and support,
courage to give a new start,
and heal the past.

Just a small prayer for them:
Heavenly Father,
You are the God of all creation. Rest, rule, and abide in the hearts of the people that they may fear no evil, nor natural disaster than threatens to come upon them. Heal your land. May all hearts turn toward you in prayer.
In Jesus' Name,

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