Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A write move

Million thoughts rush in my mind and when it comes  to pen them down on paper  i feel as if i have nothing to say… Mind want its privacy. It don’t want anyone else to read it that is why when we decide to copy our thoughts here, it cheats and end up with a blank page. Weird !

So today i want to write something which comes straight from my heart, let the mind be unaware what the heart feels…..

 The heart loves, the heart gains,
it beats and it bears the pain.
It surmise just on a single glance,
and then it leaves a memory hence.
I trapped it, enclosed it, wrapped it,
I was my own government, made the sacred writ.
Be in a disguise and act like a child,
So that it would be sober and not wild.
 It would laugh and focus on entertainment,
learn to forgive and feel contentment.
 After all i trained my heart to be a kid,
there are times where i need to forbid. 
But alas kids are stubborn too,
they dont listen so soon.
 And then when you dont fulfil their desires they cry,
yes the heart cries when you deny its request and dont try.
But  its not always you should step ahead and try,
when you know that it will make your life dry.
The heart wants what it wants, there is no logic behind it,
Afterall its a kid who cant live on its own wits.
So finally the mind interfered,
And with heart its paired.
Its the best combination when heart and mind works together,
The flowers of success and happiness will flourish in every weather. :)


Reicha said...

Recommended by a friend....

uske thoughts just my words....

Gursheen said...

nice thought :)

विवेक Call me Vish !! said...

its really nice blog....keep going... i m following!!

Jai Ho Mangalmay ho