Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My window side

I merely close my eyes while travelling,
the worthy camera to catch view levelling.

I jumped in the sea of my thoughts,
sitting near the window where i can't be caught.

I have seen everything but i have seen nothing,
i was busy in one or any other stuff something.

My ears stop working, its window closes,
untill anky shouts and give me her few lecture dozes.

I love to feel the essence of the air around,
It calmly touches my soul and i feel bound.

Here the shades of my emotion are best revealed,
giving them a vent and making them unsealed.

I felt a little above whenever i look outside the window,
I felt a little ahead whenever i feel moving even thou slow.

I no more be able to enjoy those daily trips,
when i breathe deeply after those sudden flips.

College life is over now,
we recall the classrooms, corridors, lectures but forgot the bus rides....
It was my favorite past time
I sat near my window seat and saw big dreams,
I solved big problems,
I handled big jobs,
I faced big fears,
I laughed,
I cried,
I had learnt to enjoy my own company the most :)
and yes that was my favorite WINDOW SEAT !!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

GD/PI 19th May !! Was a worthy day :)

Went for the GD/PI round at UBS-Chandigarh
The topic was

 "The education of circumstances is superior to that of tutions" - William wordsworth

In favor:
What life teaches us is always remembered because it is what we call experience and on other hand the facts already learnt are most of the time not remembered at time we need to apply them.
Greatest example is of ANIMALS - they are never taught, they learn from their own experiences, they grow, they survive.

Against :
Considering example of a kid, if his parents don't warn him and don't teach him of the adverse effects the children of his age group faces due to carelessness he can be a victim and in that case can the parents leave him on the education of circumstances ?
If a doctor, engineers etc are not trained before and directly a patient is handed over to a doctor to do experiments( learn from circumstances) he would no more be called as a savior. So tutions before are more important in such cases.
A person can survive from big accidents if given first aid treatment on the spot and this can be possible by prior knowledge....

And the GD continues...... blah blah ;)

Next was the PI round :

Maar daala :D
5 people in the panel staring me all together. 
1 interviewer : yes come in. sign the sheet first.
Me : (standing) Good afternoon ,yes sir
2nd interviewer : Reicha feel comfortable have a seat.
Me : yes Sir
(3rd and 4th interviewer busy in some talks, 5th interviewer busy in starring me )
2nd interviewer : Hmm, So Reicha Unique spellings yeah !!
Me : Yes Sir ( thinking : bachpan se yahi hai sir ab plz mere naam k peeche mat padh jaana :P ). i smiled
1st interviewer : Why is it so differently spelled what does it mean ?
Me : ( Wanna shout at once i hate this question still i am always forced to answer it )  i explained him the meaning of my name which bychance my dad gave the exaggerated description an hour before because we both know its the favorite  and the first question which every interviewer ask me and i am never prepared with it. So this time i was a lil sure about it.
1st interviewer : Tell me something about yourself which is not mentioned in the resume ?
Me : told
1st interviewer : Why you want to do MBA ?
Me : (Pta tha jaroor puchega beta mae ratt k ai hu answer ) i explained him but was myself so unsatisfied later
1st interviewer : Why UBS ? Why not any other college ?
Me : Sir its a reputed institute 
(he interrupted)
1st interviewer :Who told you its a reputed interview ?
Me : My dad :P (The worst answer, its tough to lie on the spot that i read somewhere or i observed etc)
1st interviewer :(he nodded) hmm...What else your dad told you about it ?
Me : I briefed him with the details
1st interviewer :So your father is impressed by the college and not you ? HE laughed a lil
Me : (Awe !! kya fenku ab) i frowned and try to convince him in my favor.
A few more clause of questions and answers 
 the 1st interviewer pointed towards the 5th one and said : Reicha, mam wanna ask you something ?
5th interviewer : Ahh Me ??  ok 
1st interviewer : haan mam puch lo woh virus wagarah 
5th interviewer : Tell me about virus ? what it is ?
Me : Mam it ... 
She interrupted)
5th interviewer :Ok forget it tell me about Spoofing... You use it in networking ?
Me : yes mam it ......
(She again interrupted)
5th interviewer :Ok leave everything tell me about public  infrastructure key and private infrastructure key ?
Me : I quickly started with the answer (Ab kahi next question pe aajae aur muje na aata hua toh :P)
   jaldi jaldi answer diya she said ok... no more question
Hmm You may leave now
2nd interviewer : Waise how do you pronounce your name ? Is it रिचा या रेईचा या रीछा 
Me : (in anger  i would have eaten you all for mispronouncing my name ) still i nodded, smiled and said "Sir its ऋचा " (dobara mat puchna ) and walked out :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The day

The day when I remain SILENT

the day i let things GO
the day i think its the EDGE
the day i feel nothing worse than this can HAPPEN
Its the day i become so FEARLESS
No one can tear me down because i am already in pieces L ......

Particles of me are destroyed BUT i am not defeated,
you can crush me but can't crash the real "ME",
Every pain is bearable,
Every instance is curable,
I can't close my eyes
and let my dream dies,
I am a believer,
I am a crusader,
I will wait till the end,
I know the end will favor me,
Afterall it’s a conduit of my happiness ,
The wave of hope sparkles,
bring patience within me.
I again stand taller gather the pieces around,
Proved my worth and again moved ON J

Monday, May 9, 2011

Goodbye !

It was among the last days of her college life...
Her farewell party was on.
Wrapped in a saree in her dapper appearance
She was  laughing and jumping in enjoyment,
She was busy in clicking pictures,
capturing all those 4 year memories in a day...
Walking alone through the narrow corridors of her college,
recalling the days she spent with her dear ones,
can clearly hear all those stupid talks,
giggling around and chewed on the tinniest issue together,
bringing a slight curve(smile) on her face,
and then grinning with approval "yes its me"
Moving forward she stopped at a place,
Gazing at the side she stood for few minutes,
The curve seems to be reduced in mm,
A smirk to smile which is replaced by a straight face,
Ahh !! she dropped a tear or two,
Trying to veil it, façade it with great finesse,
What happened to her ?
Was she alright ?
Clouds of those worst memories surrounded her thoughts,
Earlier she use to deny herself to be its part,
It was the day she was leaving this compass,
She was aware that she won’t come back ever again.
The day when she was standing alone at that place,
The final day of confession,
That yes she was a part of the broken past !!
She wiped her tear, it was not difficult to bear.
She has learnt how to survive,
All those lost hopes are revived.
Time has changed her completely,
She looked up in the sky,
the sun seems to be brighter today,
realized she is accompanied by an invincible power within,
College life was a crucial part,
Made her capable to stand on her own…
She stood holding her head high,
Aiming to touch the sky.
Suddenly she heard a voice behind,
Someone’s running, coming towards her,
Just to make her realize,
“Where have you been ?
4 baj gae hai lekin party abhi baaki hai”
She again burst into laughter,
Her laugh echoed around,
She was never alone, always surrounded by best buddies,
Life is beautiful even more beautiful than our expectations,
The biggest fact she comprehended……………………

Ps : Special thanks to all those people who made my college life worthy. I’l miss you all but will always remember you with big smile J J J

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

LyF's a lesson (Part-6)

Easy to forgive but tough to forget,
Life is a journey and many strangers are met.
They call you selfish they call you bad,
They don't care even if they make you sad..........

Sometimes you spread your petals and leave them outstretched,
They are delicate, soft, pliable and are easily wretched,
They need to be fortified, shielded with care,
People who know its worth are simply rare........

They sell their mirror to avoid their own reflection,
and raise their ego not even near to culmination.
You go quite not because you are weak,
You will utter anything and they will listen only beep.......

The sharpest sword is never your words,
its your silence which can screw their head,
Wait for the time, let their thoughts reach a safe side,
Let it be not so long, make them realize they are SO wrong...........