Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The day

The day when I remain SILENT

the day i let things GO
the day i think its the EDGE
the day i feel nothing worse than this can HAPPEN
Its the day i become so FEARLESS
No one can tear me down because i am already in pieces L ......

Particles of me are destroyed BUT i am not defeated,
you can crush me but can't crash the real "ME",
Every pain is bearable,
Every instance is curable,
I can't close my eyes
and let my dream dies,
I am a believer,
I am a crusader,
I will wait till the end,
I know the end will favor me,
Afterall it’s a conduit of my happiness ,
The wave of hope sparkles,
bring patience within me.
I again stand taller gather the pieces around,
Proved my worth and again moved ON J