Sunday, May 22, 2011

GD/PI 19th May !! Was a worthy day :)

Went for the GD/PI round at UBS-Chandigarh
The topic was

 "The education of circumstances is superior to that of tutions" - William wordsworth

In favor:
What life teaches us is always remembered because it is what we call experience and on other hand the facts already learnt are most of the time not remembered at time we need to apply them.
Greatest example is of ANIMALS - they are never taught, they learn from their own experiences, they grow, they survive.

Against :
Considering example of a kid, if his parents don't warn him and don't teach him of the adverse effects the children of his age group faces due to carelessness he can be a victim and in that case can the parents leave him on the education of circumstances ?
If a doctor, engineers etc are not trained before and directly a patient is handed over to a doctor to do experiments( learn from circumstances) he would no more be called as a savior. So tutions before are more important in such cases.
A person can survive from big accidents if given first aid treatment on the spot and this can be possible by prior knowledge....

And the GD continues...... blah blah ;)

Next was the PI round :

Maar daala :D
5 people in the panel staring me all together. 
1 interviewer : yes come in. sign the sheet first.
Me : (standing) Good afternoon ,yes sir
2nd interviewer : Reicha feel comfortable have a seat.
Me : yes Sir
(3rd and 4th interviewer busy in some talks, 5th interviewer busy in starring me )
2nd interviewer : Hmm, So Reicha Unique spellings yeah !!
Me : Yes Sir ( thinking : bachpan se yahi hai sir ab plz mere naam k peeche mat padh jaana :P ). i smiled
1st interviewer : Why is it so differently spelled what does it mean ?
Me : ( Wanna shout at once i hate this question still i am always forced to answer it )  i explained him the meaning of my name which bychance my dad gave the exaggerated description an hour before because we both know its the favorite  and the first question which every interviewer ask me and i am never prepared with it. So this time i was a lil sure about it.
1st interviewer : Tell me something about yourself which is not mentioned in the resume ?
Me : told
1st interviewer : Why you want to do MBA ?
Me : (Pta tha jaroor puchega beta mae ratt k ai hu answer ) i explained him but was myself so unsatisfied later
1st interviewer : Why UBS ? Why not any other college ?
Me : Sir its a reputed institute 
(he interrupted)
1st interviewer :Who told you its a reputed interview ?
Me : My dad :P (The worst answer, its tough to lie on the spot that i read somewhere or i observed etc)
1st interviewer :(he nodded) hmm...What else your dad told you about it ?
Me : I briefed him with the details
1st interviewer :So your father is impressed by the college and not you ? HE laughed a lil
Me : (Awe !! kya fenku ab) i frowned and try to convince him in my favor.
A few more clause of questions and answers 
 the 1st interviewer pointed towards the 5th one and said : Reicha, mam wanna ask you something ?
5th interviewer : Ahh Me ??  ok 
1st interviewer : haan mam puch lo woh virus wagarah 
5th interviewer : Tell me about virus ? what it is ?
Me : Mam it ... 
She interrupted)
5th interviewer :Ok forget it tell me about Spoofing... You use it in networking ?
Me : yes mam it ......
(She again interrupted)
5th interviewer :Ok leave everything tell me about public  infrastructure key and private infrastructure key ?
Me : I quickly started with the answer (Ab kahi next question pe aajae aur muje na aata hua toh :P)
   jaldi jaldi answer diya she said ok... no more question
Hmm You may leave now
2nd interviewer : Waise how do you pronounce your name ? Is it रिचा या रेईचा या रीछा 
Me : (in anger  i would have eaten you all for mispronouncing my name ) still i nodded, smiled and said "Sir its ऋचा " (dobara mat puchna ) and walked out :)


ankita gulati said...

haaha..see i asked u dis ques too...ab kuch unique bane ho to justify to karna padega na.. newaz it ws a nice.. :D

Saloni said...

gud 1 rEicha..!! :D

Reicha said...

Thanks Anky and Sloni ;)

bhavin said...

loved this one!
keep writing

Reicha said...

thanks bhavin :) :)