Thursday, June 16, 2011


There was a cave,
they asserted her to move ahead,
she refused,
darkness encompassing her,
she cannot proceed,
she don't trust,
she wants to live,
they forced,
she shouted,
request denied,
she cried,
they grinned..!!
She was innocent,
yet she was dragged,
she screamed,
surrounded by devils,
she yelled for help,
but no one was a true man.
She pleaded,
they turned the deaf ear,
At last she was BURNED .
People peeping from their windows,
closed there eyes,
called it a routine incident.
Ahh !! she was alive,
lying on the roadside,
fighting for a life,
enduring the pain,
tears rolling from her eyes,
yet she cannot utter a sigh !!
She became a statue,
saw her 3 years old daughter,
sitting on the other side,
she realized,
she cannot abjure,
she crawled,
she crossed the roadside,
she was a mother
cannot escape from this.
half burnt half alive,
she moved,
picked her daughter,
yes she moved.....
She has a strength,
which always covers her pain.
it was the 3 years old soul.
yes she cannot forget,
she went back.
She cannot quit,
she has a reason for being alive,
she will protect her,
prevent her from being an orphan,
Is the revenge necessary ?
It happened many times,
why she was quite ?
tolerating every second,
was the little angel so important ?
The wound burned and throbbed,
but her smile made her so forgetful
she can bear everything.
she stood,
locked her in arms,
added:i was alone,
i lost,
but i found you,
you will never be forsaken,
because you found me.
You will never endure,
i'll make you a lady of my own.
She promised the little soul,
and continued with her dead life.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LyF's a lesson (Part-7)

Never let anyone fall for you,
When you know there is someone else in your heart and mind......

Thursday, June 9, 2011

So called love, huh !!

An object of your lust alas you call it love.
The lengthy eye contact more than once you call it love.
An average concern more than normal and you call it love.
If someone's touch makes you shiver for a while you call it love.

Sometimes even a lifetime is not enough for people to know, to feel love
        I wonder how they say "I LOVE".

Silently within ME !

I love to search for a falling star at night,
but never wish to have my wishes to be fulfilled.
I never found them better than my Lord's choice,
although I claimed, i blamed louder than my voice,
playing those tricks to break my peace into pieces ?
But was least thankful when it rebounce in my life.
I was always caring but still heedless sometimes,
But you my lord has forgiven me everytime.
I talked to you because i believe, 
you resides within me somwhere,
You are the source of those infinite potential 
which forces me to head towards my dream.
Just wanna tell you secretly ,
" I am feeling blessed today, thankyou for the day" :) :) :)