Thursday, June 9, 2011

So called love, huh !!

An object of your lust alas you call it love.
The lengthy eye contact more than once you call it love.
An average concern more than normal and you call it love.
If someone's touch makes you shiver for a while you call it love.

Sometimes even a lifetime is not enough for people to know, to feel love
        I wonder how they say "I LOVE".


dishant said...

gud change....n1.

Sohit Kapoor said...

Very Short and critic definitions of "LOVE".

U only included just the Physical aspect, thats why its " AN OBJECT OF LUST ".

Love is the xperience of Heart( most important)..!!

Even a Heart sign is used to SIGNIFY LOVE,,, how did u forget it..??

Its the Heavenly Feeling, thats away frm all those u mentioned..!!
It can be felt WITHOUT TOUCH, and WITH CLOSED EYES..!!!!

Reicha said...

Thanks dishant :)

Hey Sohit,

It was a critic for those people who don't understand the real meaning of the word.
For them Love is not the experience of Heart, they look from their perspective .
They consider even a small care as love or all that I stated above and sometimes it lead to a problematic situation for the opponent because their fascination( which they call love) is meaningless for the other.
Anyways the sarcasm is never for the people like you who respect and understand the importance of love. So don’t take it seriously :)

Reicha said...

Somewhat dedicated to people who believe in "Love at first sight "