Sunday, July 24, 2011

LyF's a lesson (Part-8)


whenever we have some extra food left after the meal time we never throw it in dustbin rather we just put on the wall for birds.
One day i saw this scene from my kitchen and once again i realized the law of nature brought a simple smile on my face saying " I survive "
The squirrel was the first to notice it. As expected because she is the one who always keeps an eye on the wall next to the crows hidden in those green leaves.but i think that day they were out for holiday in some other city may be some other wall.. lol.. So today she can have all of them alone because Crows were large in number and they never allow the squirrel to fed before them(crows)

This was an injured bird whom i was noticing from past couple of days and might have thought to ask for a share from the squirrel and the squirrel decided to treat this injured bird in the same way she is treated daily by the crows.. :-|

She moved towards the bird in anger, the bird tried a few times fir bichara chup hokar chala gya(then he went away silently). I decided to sit on the fence lemme check who wins at last.

The squirrel enjoyed the afternoon meal without interruption but with high alert.

Then the bird revisited the wall when she found it a vacant and more over harmless place..( lol ) for her and took the left over. Although i didn't expect it because the bird could be proved harmful for squirrel due to her long beak , but she was injured therefore proved to be weak today.

I realized, its the world of those who are stalwart,mighty who can dominate over others. This world in not for feeble, they least survive.
I don't say that one should be awful or bad but one should not be weak too. Be strong and have faith in the almighty power. Life will lead us to different situations, difficulties and the way we react over it shows what we are, where we stand. Infact how much courage we have to withstand the storm because GOD never test an incapable  person, if you are being tested, be happy because GOD think you are the best & capable too. 
Thats why he send you to this earth to prove your worth :)
Have the power to conquer the world !

Stay blessed !
LyF's a lesson. 


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Wonderful post and a joy to read.


the other side of me said...

hey its veryyyyy nice, you have delivered a beautiful message in this post,
yes indeed life is a lesson!!!!

Take care, and thanks for the following!!! :):)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

A beautiful lesson indeed. And don't we love stories with pictures as evidence?

Nice post.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Reicha Ahluwalia said...

Thanks Yvonne....

@the other side of me :) :) :)

@anshul - yep i do like to deal with picture perception ;)

Sohit Kapoor said...

It is really njoyable too read ur posts..

So real... so Emphatic..!!!

Reicha Ahluwalia said...