Wednesday, August 31, 2011


 तुम चलो तो हिंदुस्तान चले ||
नन्हे कदमो की ये कोशिश है ||
 हमी से तो  उमीदे है ||
हमी से तो हर मुश्किल आसान है ||
हम में एक  हीरो है ||
("if you will move the India will move too,
Tried by those little feet of the nation,
we are the guarantor,
we are the handler of difficult situations,
there is a HERO(conqueror) inside us.")
I have heard, saw people complaining about long traffic jams.
Maximum times one of the reason follows :
* Mismanagement
* fall of trees on the roads
*roads under construction
*one way road

and whats the reaction of the crowd at such times ? Abusing the government for lack of concern, getting annoyed by the situation,shouting at the nearby vehicle drivers for giving then the side as if you are at highest priority, choosing for the wrong side so as to overtake everyone and then blocking the traffic on other side too :P
Its your country so isn't it yours duty to set the things right ?
Mismanagement took place due to the absence of traffic police at the crossroads. Can anyone dare to give 10 minutes and direct the traffic ? "NO" because thats not our job. We can spend half an hour in groaning, criticizing and complaining about the situation but we cannot give 10 minutes in managing the traffic.
A huge tree fall in the middle of the road, hindered the traffic motion. Can we group of people lend our hand to move it at the side.? "NO" because thats not our job. We can sit in the car wait for it to be moved by anyone else except us or wait for someone to take the initiative. Why ? Our way is blocked by a huge stuff then why we wait for someone else to drag it away. DO IT YOURSELF FOR YOUR OWN SELF !
Believe me dare to take initiative as a leader and people are waiting to follow you. They just want a LEADER,thats it !!
Yes its my country and tomorrow if i will fall in such a situation i will surely step ahead to solve the problem, I am an INDIAN and i know my duties. I will try not to be afraid by the those eyes gazing at me when i initiate something because when i will succeed the courage will overpower everything.

PS : just tried to translate those lines of hindi into its english version. The meaning will  approximately be the same :P

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Belief or an excuse ?

There was a random thought from past few years in my mind.

There are times when we strive hard yet we fail. Not  always we taste the sweetness of victory. At that time,when we feel a little low,  just to console ourselves or to get over the incident we say :
""Everything happens for good.One should have that unshakable belief in the almighty power.Everything is normal and we gained experience""

Is it really a belief in GOD or an excuse we give to ourselves  ?

BELIEF : A belief that there is goodness in disguise, we cannot see it now but one day we will surely realize it.Today we may be blind and complain it that we lost or failed but tomorrow will be ours and thus one should not repent on the failure.We strongly believe that GOD never make mistakes and whatever He has decided is for our own benefit.
EXCUSE : are we keeping ourselves in darkness by giving excuses because may be we have realized that we don't deserve that dream we desired for ?  An excuse by saying that destiny prevails and something better is thought for us and we move on.I wonder is it so easy to convince oneself ? sometimes infact many times "YES" it is easy because giving "excuses" has become our habit. Even from the childhood we give excuses to our teachers for late work or not doing homework, we give excuses to our parents when we don't wanna go to school or score low marks and now we give excuse to ourselves when we fail to accomplish our goals.

I know both the term depicts some optimism within them when i say "leave the past in the past and move on towards the future" all because we focus more on the negative side at this time but  Is it really a belief or an excuse  ? which help us to come out of this setback of failure.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Truthful lie

Sometimes the most difficult task is to CONFESS the truth to yourself, when you have convinced the whole world with your lies and is confident enough that now you can convince yourself with the same lie...!