Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A good friend

Sometimes when i need silent eyes to listen to my pain i miss you.
Sometimes when i need enthusiasm to play with me i miss you.
Sometimes when i need a company to kill my boredom i miss you.
Sometimes when i need a good friend to join me I MISS YOU...!!

3/4 part of the year has been passed since i lost my pet dog .He really did understand what we tell him, he used to think what we want and maximum times he used to comprehend what we were trying to communicate. Served us for more than 5 years and then suddenly ran away one day in a playful mood with a hope that i'll catch him from behind but i lost. Later we searched around far and wide in our vicinity but worthless.Even today if i glimpse at a black lebra running on roadside or collar around the neck with anyone i hastily speed towards them so as to inspect may be this one is mine. My friends suggest me to go and get a new one but will the new one be able to compensate the old one ?
 The term is "Attachment" 
Its tough to replace someone when sentiments are attached  may be that is why we never ponder over it again to tame another pet.'Even if you are a bona fide cat lover,its nearly impossible not to be moved by the brand of qualities unique to dogs'. They can never leave you even i know my dog was too loyal but was taken by some greedy human-animal.  Huh ! you pick them, train them since they were puppies and one day you lose them. It is so called life on earth. forget it !
But yeah ! i inferred a dog can really be a man's best friend :)
1) No matter how much annoyed you are by the day but there is someone whom you'll always find in jolly mood and is capable enough to uplift your mood and make it a cheerful,blissful day.
2) There is a special quality i wanna highlight here... If you love them they are completely adorable but if you tie them in chains the whole day they become aggressive ready to attack anytime. So make it a choice you want a family member plus a guard or a killer watchdog only :P :P


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I had a dog for 16 years and when we had to part with her my late husband and I were inconsolable.
She was such a faithful friend. She was the subject of the very first poem I wrote.

I do feel so sorry for you time does heal but it takes time.


Ramesh Sood said...

Well, one can share so much with them without the fear of betrayal.. or judgement..or reaction... thaks for a touching post..

inquisitive-life said...


I agree and can understand your pain. I lost my two dogs in the span of 3 years and the pain is inevitable. They really are man's best-est friends.
P.S: I love the colour of your blog.

Keep Writing...

God Bless

Amigo said...

I like the way you think...When ever i read your post ,i feel like seeing my own reflection of thoughts..especially this line "Its tough to replace someone when sentiments are attached may be that is why we never ponder over it again to tame another pet."
Thats true Reicha..its very difficult to replace something to which you are attached to,no matter even if you get something infinite times better than the current one... Your attachment will never let you replace it..

Ezazi said...

I hope you find another pet who'll not replace, but console for what you've left behind.

Hugs. xx

Reicha Ahluwalia said...

@Yvonne - Yes dogs are so faithful and are never less than a family member :)

@Ramesh sir - It is so true !! they give a silent response and thats all we need sometimes :)

@inquisitive-life - 2 Dogs in 3 years- nearly unacceptable..huh !
Yep thanks... Me too love this color for a change :)

@Amigo - Haha !!Two software engineers think alike ;)
There are things we cannot change but one should learn to move on thats it !

@Ezazi - Glad to see you here :D
Welcome !!

Sameera said...

Aaww... I never have had a pet.. But always wanted one, my best friend used to say me that she never feels alone coz of Honor (her lebra)..

Anyhoo, totally agree on 'its tough to replace someone'.

PeeVee said...

I so get it. I have lost so many pets to death over my lifespan but it does not make it easier. Every loss brings with it such pain, hurt and an inconsolable feeling of loss.
Even worse is when we lose pets otherwise.
And I agree, dogs are the most wonderful-est of pets. EVER.
Beautiful post.

SUB said...

sorry to hear about your dog...

Dogs are man's best friend indeed... unfortunately the opposite isn't always true...

beautiful post...


Chintan said...

I never had a pet! My grandma had one, but the dog died soon after my grandma passed away!

I want to get a dog too, but I am too afraid what if something happened to him?

A friend of mine loved her dog a lot, his name was Peter and she always talked about him. When he died, it was difficult for us to console her.

dogs indeed are best friends...


Rahul Bhatia said...

A beautiful post..Dogs are indeed more expressive than humans

Srinidhi said...

I have a dog and shes back home. I miss her so often. :) Shes precious and always has been. :)

I can imagine how it feels. Losing her is my biggest fear. :) Shes only 7 right now.. :)

Lovely post. :) More than anything I miss their silent understanding ways. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Such were the sentiments when I lost mine. Yes, they are man's best friends, mood lifters for sure.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Priyanka Kamath said...

My maternal grand parents had a dog. And a month every summer that I spent there, he would be only companion:)
I miss him dearly.. now that he is not anymore..
I walk into that house and hope he'd come towards me letting me know that he's pleased to see me again..

A dog sure is a man's most loyal and best friend :)

Reicha Ahluwalia said...

@sameera--> Do have one in your life and you will feel the difference in your mood. :)

@Priyanka--> Hmm.. but life goes on..

@SUB --> even vice versa is also true many times :)Thanks for your visit.

@chintan --> The fear of loss cannot stop us from having one. I know they can be so close as human beings.

@Rahul sir --> thanks for your comment. *Smiling*

@Srinidhi--> i wish her a long life. Good to see you here :)

@Anshul --> yep they can alter your life for sure.

@Priyanka Kamath --> Welcome to my space.
For old people they are indeed the best companion..!

Krishna said...

nice post

Punam said...

Reicha, I am waiting eagerly for the day I can own some pets.. and I want a dog and a cat too.. not just either..

Felt awful to hear your pet's story... I hope he comes back one day.

Reicha Ahluwalia said...

@krishna --> Thankyou :)

@Punam --> You want both Cat and dog... ? I have heard a lot about cats and dogs fight :D :P kidding ..
Its good that you have a soft corner for pets unlike many others.
Me too hope that he returns back on some fine day. Fingers crossed !

Ashish Nandwani said...

do u watch dog whisperer's show at natgeo, if u haven't watched . u will be amazed to to watch it!
loved reading it

// he use(he used) !
please remove word verification, please!

Reicha Ahluwalia said...

@Ashish --> I have seen it many times. Yes it is good.

Thanks for the correction.I know i make mistakes while writing.

I have removed word verification :)

pratima giri said...

Ohh Dear Really ExlentPoem...

Reicha Ahluwalia said...

@Pratima --> Thank you for the appreciation. Glad to see you here :)

black.barbie said...

I agree. A dog is man's best friend and having a pet attached to your heart is just like accepting him as part of your family. "Treasure your relationships, not your possessions." - Anthony J D\'Angelo on Relationship quotes