Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In festive mood

Happy Navratri 
It is Durgashtami today [the 8th day of these navratri(nine nights) which is big in bengal]  and is the day when we open our fast after 7 days but by chance this time the duadashi(2nd day) and triyodashi(3rd day) fell on same day so the fast were for 6 days only. [reason for this awareness : For the FIRST time i was fasting for consecutive 6 days]. I know its not a big deal, so usual for people but was a real excitement for me and above all i accomplished it. Yaawwwhhh ! [Of all the things i didn't have last week i missed golgappe the most :P aur golgappe ki kasam mene rasmalai ko bhi bahut miss kiya ;) ]
According to the scriptures, by worshipping the "Shakti" on these nine days the householder attain the three fold power : physical,mental and spiritual which helps him to progess in life without any difficulty.Apart from this the contentment you feel in your heart, belief of being accompanied by that almighty power is divine. 

The celebrations start with navratri and ends with the 'tenth' day festival called "Dussehra". During childhood it was one of the most exciting day of the year. Durga puja(worshipping Goddess durga) in the morning and then eagerly waiting for the evening event. Visit the Ramlila maidan(place where we burn ravana... not we but Lord rama as a part of play :D).In burning the effigies  people are asked to burn the evil within them and thus follow the path of goodness,bearing in mind the instance of Ravana,who despite all his might and majesty were destroyed for his evil ways.
 A big fair held in the ground enough to bring smiles on faces around. 
Celebrations include, fiests to honor the mother goddess(the triumph of warrior goddess durga over the buffalo demon,Mahishasura)  and the triumph of Lord Rama over demon Ravana.
In short its all about triumph of good over evil.
Yesterday i came across this picture i pasted in my drawing notebook approximately 8-10 years back and really found it worth sharing.

The picture depicting the comparison between satyug(rama yug) and kalyug(our time period).Earlier it was the victory of good over evil but now the vice-versa is more prominent.
Is the new generation capable of turning the table again ?
" victory of good over evil "

Anyways wish you all a very happy festive season :)

PS-Lessons learnt taken from net.


PeeVee said...

Happy Navratri to you too!!:)
And kudos on keeping vrat properly, golgappe will return to your life soon! :P

Saru Singhal said...

Nicely written...Golgappas and Rasmalai...:) :) :) I miss it...And:)

Amigo said...

Happy Navratri to you too :) I too love Golgappe.. liked this sentence "golgappe ki kasam mene rasmalai ko bhi bahut miss kiya ;)"

Punam said...

Happy Navratri to you and your family, Reicha... and Happy Dussehra too.. in advance. :)

the other side of me said...

hey i commented before but its gone..hmmm happy navratri and congrats on the 6 days of fasting :)yay u made it

Reicha Ahluwalia said...

@Priyanka --> thankyou :D Happy dussehra !

@Saru --> after visiting few places in north india i realized that- AMBALA k golgappe is ideal.. yummmyyy !!
Cheers :D

@amigo --> Ditto ;) thanks

@Punam --> Same to you...God bless :)

@Aleeya -->Oh i saw your comment in spam box.. Never mind i am happy that you visited again :)
Thanks for your wishes...
Happy dussehra !!

Saru Singhal said...

Sure, Ram Chaat Bandaar, Sector 7...:) Well, I came to thank you, you write such beautiful comments on my blog posts. I am simply amazed the way to admire my poems. Your way of appreciating words, you will be a very accomplished writer one day...:) Will meet you when I'm in Ambala. I live in Sector 9. How about you???

Reicha Ahluwalia said...

@saru-- > Haha ! Ram Chaat bhandar is even my favorite :D
Thankyou. Your poems are so touchy and artistic, really deserve sincere appreciation :)
Will surely meet you some day. I live in sec-8 ;)

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Hope you had a happy day.


Krishna said...

nice post on Navarathri...

Reicha Ahluwalia said...

@Yvonne--> Yep it was a rocking day :)

@Krishna --> Thankyou :)

Rahul Bhatia said...

A very nice post and it brought back a lot of happy memories when we used to go to see Ravan going up in flames!!