Saturday, September 22, 2012

Too close or too far away from home

बार बार खुद से जान ने की कोशिश  करती हू 
"ना जाने आँखों में ऐसा कौनसा  सपना  लिए घर से निकले थे  हम की मानो घर जाना ही  अब एक  सपना  बन गया । "

Collecting my accessories,packing my bags that was the best day.
I was excited, the journey seemed to be so smooth and beautiful.
What else can you expect from an inexperienced soul who tasted water from the same pond, always.
I didn't drop even a single tear,
thought the time would have welcomed them but not me.
there was no fear, happiness inside.
and i left home, didn't turn back.

We got so busy in our  work that we almost forgot what the heck was moving around
but mom, sitting miles away, worried whether we had our breakfast,lunch,dinner on time.
Am i growing thin or weak or impatient or whatever. She wanted to meet after all it was my first experience
away from home.
--With time you start missing your home. you wanna go back but the chains of responsibilities always pull you back,stops you from doing what you really wanna do at that moment of time and you try to convince yourself and mom:

मै घर आउंगी माँ पर ठहर कर जाते  हुए मुझे रुकने को न कहना ।
मै दूर से आउंगी माँ, अकेले बैठे मेरे लिए राह तकते न रहना ।
सुना है  लड्डू बनाए है मेरे लिए,
खूब पकवान सजाए है मेरे लिए ,
मन भर कर खाऊँगी, माँ ,पर ठहर कर जाते  हुए मुझे रुकने को न कहना ।

Then after 7 months i came back with the strong determination of never returning.
gave a tight hug to my mum.
yes that was the real bestest moment.
I was the child in her arms.
Home means mom to me.
Spend the most beautiful days at home.
but this time,we can't stop it.
neither we can customize everything.
just accepted it.

कभी  वापिस न जाउंगी  ऐसा सोचकर घर  आई थी , पर माँ की आँखों में  गर्व देखा अपने लिए ।
उन्हें नाज़ है की उनकी बेटी आज अपने पैरो पर खड़ी है ।
आखिर  फिर वक़्त ने समझाया की जीवन में आगे बढ़ते जाना है ।
घर'  जाकर फिर वापिस काम  पर ही आना है ।