Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hug me tight

                                Hug me tight when i cook your favorite food even after our long fight.

                                      Hug me tight when my cold heart resists to melt in those winters.. 

                                                 Hug me tight when dreams scare me and reality hurts. 

                                                      Hug me tight when i don't feel beautiful about myself.
                                                      Hug me tight when i change myself for you.
                                                      Hug me tight when i can't take my eyes off you.
                                                      Hug me tight when i  shout about our love around.
                                                      Hug me tight whenever i say 'My world gets completed by you"


Alcina said...

Aww..that is such a sweet poem.

Saru Singhal said...

I need to share this with my husband. As I once wrote, For what I do to pace up,
Drop few drops of bliss.
Better still...
a touch, a hug or a kiss...

Mysterious Miracles said...

@Alcina : Good to hear something from you. Thanks a ton.. :)

@Saru: I wonder you still visit my page if i add a few posts here. I cannot describe my happiness.. Thanks Saru :)
You wrote a beautiful quatrain. Trying hard to follow your steps :)