Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Birthday gift

It was my birthday 3 months back and i remember when a friend, infact many friends they called and asked a very similar question "What did your hubby gifted you on your birthday ? It was your first birthday after your marriage, sooo... A diamond ring ? Candle light dinner ?" I was like dumbstruck.
Well, they were more curious to know about my gift. Many thoughts running in my mind .Why he should do all this on a single day ? How come a gifted diamond ring proves that he loves me enough ? 
Ours was an inter-caste love marriage. After a little family drama both the parties agreed and we tied knot around half an year back. 


I was unable to justify my friend's questions. I cannot tell/explain her that love is beyond materialistic things. I cannot explain her how he makes me feel special everyday by those little things he do for me and only me to make me smile, to keep me happy. Ofcourse, some feelings are too personal. I failed to explain her that love is beyond a diamond ring or a candle light dinner. Of course we had made each other happy by such materialistic things many times before marriage. We were dating since 2 years and at that time we had only these petty things to prove that we had feelings for each other. We had many candle light dinners, movies, outing but not everything is worth sharing and not everyone deserves an honest reply. 
There are memories which we still cherish, we had debates, discussions, arguments and even fights but love is the solution to all the problems. About my birthday, yeah, it was awesome.Though it was a weekday still i want to say that it was a memorable birthday. We spent quality time with each other after having a half day off from the office.walking हाथो में हाथ डाल कर  on marine drive, attended Kala Ghoda festival, gateway of India and other places in south Mumbai. Later the cake celebration.

Later when i was in bed all these thoughts occupying my mind .A gift is something that makes you happy. That is why it is a GIFT and the best gift a person can give to you is his own TIME. His Personal TIME.

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