Saturday, June 10, 2017

Neither you nor love needs to be perfect

Meeting after 12 years, they regretted for not marrying each other.
The small fights between them drifted them away a decade back
but now they have met. Yes, again. Millions of emotions flowing.
 They want to be together now.
They got married.
Yes, happily married.
It was just a week after their marriage, a spark of argument emerged between them.
Argument turned into arguments.
Days turned into months.
Fights like a monster ate their love.
The controversies between them turned their life a disaster.
Struggle to survive in this world was greater than staying in relationship.
They got separated.
The promises "endless love ", "together forever" all faded away.
They hugged each other and happily parted.
No more regrets in their heart
because falling out of love is healthier sometimes.
Love was not a jail where they should stuck for a lifetime.
Missing someone you love is less painful
then staying in pain with a person you love.
Neither love nor they can be perfect
and it is alright to be imperfect.
Inner Peace is more important.